We provide overviews of the most important clinically relevant and recent articles, in over 50 medical areas of expertise, selected by top professors in their fields, published in 34 countries, presented in concise, well-written and structured summaries. Today the Framingham publications are distributed by pharmaceutical companies in Europe, the Middle East and Japan.

We help physicians stay up-to-date on medical and clinical research

In this time of information overload, staying up-to-date requires hours and hours of browsing and scanning, selecting relevant articles and reading lengthy articles in order to grasp the essential insights.


We facilitate this process by offering publications, in over 50 medical fields, that contain high-quality abstracts, allowing physicians to stay informed with minimal time invested, saving dozens of hours per year.

Top specialists in their fields provide the content of each Framingham publication


The article selections are made by distinguished researchers and professors, giving physicians an authoritative, peer-reviewed up-to-date overview of new evidence and developments in their respective fields.


Specialised medical writers and editors turn these articles into one-page abstracts.

In general, a specific title is published 2-4 times a year, each issue including up to 12 one-page abstracts.


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Advisory Board Members per country/area

Each publication in a specific country/area has an Advisory Board that assesses

the selection of articles in terms of local relevance and acts as authority for the publications.


Our network consists of around 400 professors and doctors from over 120 different university hospitals worldwide.

The top 30 pharmaceutical companies in Europe, the Middle East and Japan are our clients.